Benefits of Studying in Germany

Benefits of Studying in Germany

Have you ever wondered why students from across the globe go for doing their studying in Germany? Germany is off course the best place to do your higher education and a paradise for International students. It is home to many worldwide recognized Universities, with countless courses to choose among and a great study abroad destination

No Tuition Fee:

An amazing step is been taken by the government of Germany by providing free education to students until their graduation. Students must enroll themselves in the public universities there to get free education. This process is not being followed by private universities and you must pay for the tuition fee for getting admission.

According to a survey conducted in 2018, 35.3% of students gave the reason for low or No tuition fees as their reason for study in Germany.

Top Ranked Universities:

Germany is the home of top-ranking universities which have internationally recognized degrees. According to a survey conducted in 2018, Germany has 429 public higher education institutions and among them 106 are Universities. In Germany, the education system is of global high standards.

Germany Education system provides quality education system to students and in-depth experience to them. The other advantage of studying in Germany is that it is safe and friendly for students.

They are also known for their high teaching standards and research excellence over all these years. Students from across the globe come here to do their mechanical engineering in Germany. Every year, there is an increase in international students in Germany.

Various Study Abroad Programs:

Germany offers various study abroad programs for students to choose to do their higher education. Mainly students prefer to do mechanical engineering in Germany because of the great teaching style and because of Germany is home of the largest Automotive Industry.

Students have a wide range of courses to choose while studying in Germany, some of the famous courses are as follows:

  • MBA in Germany
  • MS in Germany
  • MA in International relations & Cultural Diplomacy
  • Smart City Design (M.A)
  • Marketing
  • Open Design
  • Communication Management
  • Automation & Robotics

Affordable Cost of Living:

Living expenses in Germany is not going to rip off your pockets. With smart financial management tactics, you can live there at low costs. Also, the accommodation costs also depend on the kind of area you live in, like in urban areas the cost is a little bit high compared to the peripheral.

For other expenses like food, travel, amenities that are not that high. So, basically, it all depends upon how well you manage your expenses and upon your lifestyle.

Work Opportunities:

Studying in Germany provides students with different work opportunities while pursuing education there. International law in Germany allows students to work for 20 hours a week or 120 full days in a year.

It gives them a chance to manage their expenses on their own and allowing their parents a relief. Also, it makes them confronted with the hard work that is required in this world. It gives them more knowledge about the people and about different things happening around them

Get to know different Cultures:

It allows students to know more about different cultures and about different people. Germany has people from all around the world and students will be able to connect to the diverse community. It gives more life experiences to them which is going to remain with them for a lifetime. Students get to explore more in their life while studying in Germany.

Living in Germany After Your Studies:

Students even get the chance of living there after completing their study in Germany. They will get opportunities to seek work after graduation. The government law allows students to stay up to 18 months after completion of their studies. But they can stay longer also if they want to, under some specific rules of the government.

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