List of Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad

Do you have plans for studying abroad and are looking for some study abroad scholarships? No needs to worry as you have hit the right place. Studying abroad could always be an expensive affair. 

If you are looking for some scholarships for Indian students being an Indian looking for an opportunity to study in Canada, then you would be pleased to know that various Universities and organizations offer scholarships for Indian students.

Here is a list of various scholarships for Indian students branched based on the funding and your place for study. You can also check online to know about the best colleges for MBA for studying abroad.

In scholarships, region-specific scholarships, country-specific, student-specific, and subject-specific, there are many different categories.  

If you are planning to study in Asia, then do find the below list of scholarships for Indian students.

1) Scholarships for Asian students in Thailand offered by HM King’s and HM Queen’s

Thai government grants to Indian citizens to study at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand at the master’s level in engineering and technology, the management or environment, and development.

2) DST A star Call for Singapore-India Joint Research Grants

It grants scholarships for Indian Students to study in Singapore in the fields of science and technology. The Indian government and A*Star Singapore funds the project.

3) Silk Road Scholarship Program at Seoul National University

Seoul National University, located in South Korea, offers scholarships for Indian Students for studying abroad on graduate programs in humanities or social sciences.

4) Hinrich scholarship in International Journalism at HKBU

Indian students, Myanmar and Vietnam students are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is offered at the Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong to study Masters of Arts in International Journalism.

Fully funded scholarships to study abroad for Indian students:

Indian students who wish to study abroad are given numerous scholarships. These are different from country to country. Let’s look at some of them.

  • British Council IELTS Scholarship for Indian Students 

The British Council IELTS Scholarship is funded by the British Council and is open to all students who come from India or outside India who recently took IELTS with the British Council.

  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships

Indian students interested in studying in North America or Europe can apply for these scholarships for Indian students. These grants are for services for students and postgraduates. Of the different eligibility criteria, one is that at the time of application, the applicant should be under the age of 30 and must reside in India.

Scholarships to study in Australia

1) University of Queensland Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships 

This scholarship is open to all students from India or Latin America seeking to pursue postgraduate studies based on course work in subjects pertaining to biology at Queensland University.

2) University of Adelaide Ashok Khurana Scholarship for Indian Students

The program offers scholarships for Indian students to help them in chosen fields pursue postgraduate degrees.

Scholarships for Indian students in Abroad

  • Alcatel-Lucent: HEC Paris Scholarship for Global Leadership Potential 
  • INSEAD Louis Vuitton MBA Scholarship for Chinese and Indian Students 
  • Ursula Glunk Scholarship for Master Students at Maastricht UniversityCharles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • British Council GREAT scholarships for Indian students
  • King’s College London Emerald MSc Studentship

Various Subject-specific scholarships

  • Architecture scholarships
  • Art scholarships
  • Business and entrepreneurship scholarships
  • Computer science scholarships
  • Engineering scholarships
  • Law school scholarships
  • Leadership scholarships
  • Medical scholarships
  • Nursing scholarship
  • Psychology scholarships

Study abroad scholarships are indeed an excellent way to reduce your expenditure on education when in a foreign country. A most common misconception among the candidates is there are no incentives for any international students to apply for scholarships. ⠀ But that is not true. Universities and Governments around the world value high-geared students and many scholarship programs have been designed to attract the best and brightest minds in their country.

Types of Scholarships for Indian students

There are different types of scholarships for Indian students available in abroad. They are categorized as:

1) Need-based 

Depending on the financial background of your parents, these scholarships are available for students facing financial constraints. Officials may ask you for documentation such as family income, tax returns, proof of employment, etc.

2) Destination Specific

Most public authorities, governments, or universities provide students from a specific country with scholarships and grants. For example, scholarships are given to international students from Commonwealth countries by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Trade of New Zealand provided by the UK Government.

3) Athletic Scholarships

Such scholarships allow you to participate with rigorous training and represent your University at events while maintaining your education, given to top-notch sportspeople.

4) Subject-Specific Scholarships

Some universities and institutions are awarding grants to students planning to pursue a particular field of study.

5) Student-specific Scholarships

Some universities and institutions award scholarships to students planning to pursue a specific area of study.

If you have plans to study in Canada, then you have made the right decision. Canada is home to world-class educational institutions. Canada offers various scholarships for Indian students who wish to study in Canada.

Scholarship offered in Canada

UBC International Leader for Tomorrow Award

The scholarship is given to international students applying for their undergraduate courses by the University of British Columbia. Students with great academic records and achievements in athletics, performing arts, debates, etc. are encouraged to apply.

The school he/she is currently attending needs to nominate a student. It should be the first undergraduate degree of the student, and the student should meet all the English Language requirements. The student should also show the financial need to prevent them from pursuing their choice of program. The scholarship is offered based on financial need, and the University evaluates the candidate’s financial situation. The scholarship for Indian students will pay both tuition fees and the cost of living.

Final Thoughts

Due to financial constraints, don’t let your hopes of traveling to a foreign destination for education fade away. You will get straight through your college years with these scholarships, and you will never have to look back.

If you need more help from overseas admissions, such as selecting the right University and country and creating the perfect application for your dream universities, then get in touch with us.

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