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Canada has become the best education hot spot in recent times. Canada offers the highest quality education and living standards in the world. In Canada, one can get a quality education at affordable rates. Canadian University degrees are of great value, compared to other Foreign Universities. During your course time, Canadian University also provides ample opportunities for study and internship. One can also pursue MBA in Canada.

But before you plan to visit Canada for further education, you need to learn that you have to answer an examination which tests your English language skills. If you apply for a college, permanent residency, or Canadian citizenship, you need to show the IELTS score as a piece of evidence.

Why study in Canada?

Many reasons make Canada the most desirable education destination. All the candidates are promised quality education from excellent Universities and institutes and do have the luxury of working while they study in Canada.

Seeking an education in Canada might also turn into a job opportunity more quickly compared to other foreign nations.

Fewer tuition fees and plenty of sight-seeing locations are sure to make you second guess any choice that isn’t Canada. So, let’s focus on the Canada Student Visa IELTS score requirements 2019. 

Take a look at Canada’s top universities one can study in Canada and find out the required IELTS scores for each. One can also search for the best scholarship to study in Canada.

1) McGill University

McGill University, ranked 33rd in the world, is Canada’s second-highest-ranking university. The university is based in Montreal and has international students from more than 150 countries. If you’re searching for a medical-doctoral university, this is the school for you because, for the last 12 consecutive years, Macleans has ranked McGill first in Canada in this field.

International students need a total IELTS score of around 6.5 or better and individual component scores of around 6.0 or better on the Academic version if they want to study in Canada as undergraduates. Graduate studies often require an IELTS score of 6.5, but do not require an additional 6.0 per segment. McGill no longer accepts IELTS paper score reports, so make sure the IELTS scores can be sent electronically to McGill. There are some cases where an applicant may be excluded from demonstrating English skills, so first look at the website of McGill’s English skill requirements.

2) University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is ranked 109th in the world in this year’s QS World University Rankings and is particularly respected for its courses in arts and humanities. A total IELTS score of at least 6.5 is required for graduate studies at the University of Alberta, with no section below 5.5. In each section, undergraduate admissions also require a full-test score of 6.5 with a 5.5 or higher.

In addition to demonstrating overall English language skills, applicants belonging to teaching discipline and health sciences discipline need a further level of spoken English skills. Here in the Academic Speaking section, a minimum score of 7.5 is expected. University of Alberta graduate programs may have higher-than-standards for IELTS, either in terms of spoken English skills, or other fields. So be sure to check with your exciting program before applying to this university for graduate studies.

Admission is not guaranteed by the fulfillment of the listed requirements. The University of Alberta does reserve the right to use flexibility in assessing language skills, even if the English standards are met.

3) University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, ranked 28th in the world, is the top-ranking university in Canada, situated in the largest city in Canada. Their degree programs cover Philosophy, literary criticism, and communication. They are also known for their variety of advances in science, including the birthplace of insulin and stem cell research.

All applicants educated outside Canada whose primary language is not English must show English skills in the English language. This is an entry prerequisite and should be satisfied before applying, but must be met before the registration deadline. The minimum required overall IELTS test score is 6.5 (with at least 6.0 in each section). 

Nevertheless, many University of Toronto graduate programs require a higher ranking. Call the program or services you are participating in to review the IELTS specifications of individual applications. In the Graduate Unit web page of the University of Toronto Degree and Diploma Programs, you can find program contact information to determine if a higher minimum score is appropriate.

Test results may not be approved at the time of application that is older than two years. The candidate must retake the English-language skills test in these situations.

4) University of British Columbia

 British Columbia University is ranked 47th in the world and is home to about 61,000 students (about 16,000 of whom are international students) at its Vancouver and Kelowna campuses. As a part of their application process, applicants not belonging to Canada University whose English isn’t a primary language of instruction must provide the results of an assessment of English language skills.

Tests must have been carried out at the time the application was submitted within the last 24 months. In each portion of the academic (NOT general) IELTS exam, a minimum total band score of 6.5 is expected with a minimum score of 6.0. 

Specific graduate programs may require a high IELTS score i.e. to test the English language skills and may require a minimum IELTS score on individual test components. Please check the individual websites of the program to verify the criteria of the English language score. The University of British Columbia needs an official rating from the test center to be sent to them electronically.

5) Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology

6) Kwantlen Polytechnic University

7) Saint Mary’s University, Canada

8) Fleming College

9) Southern Cross University

10) University of Queensland

11) James Cook University

12) University of Southern Queensland

13) Vancouver Island University

14) University of Lethbridge

15) Fleming College

Hence, you may have gathered enough information to have a clear understanding of the universities taking IELTS scores as a qualifying barrier that helps you in Summer Intake 2020. It is always recommended to research well before choosing a university. One can choose to visit the official website of the college so that detailed information can be gathered.

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