Master’s in Engineering in Leonard De Vinci Paris

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Specialization Available Data, Computer Science, Fintech, Financial Engineering, Mechanics and New Energies

Master’s in Engineering in Leonard De Vinci Paris- Actually meaning “Large Schools” of France have propelled instruction establishments that are outside the essential structure of the French state-subsidized school system. The Grandes Écoles are very specific, world-class, and regarded; the alumni of Grande Ecoles are a part of top-level management leadership in various private companies and also in the government offices of France.

Based on the performance of the students in written and oral exams the Grande Ecoles reserves the right to choose the students. All the students go through the tough process of preparing for almost two years to get into the Grande Ecole program.

Grandes écoles are different from state-funded and public universities in France, these schools have to choose the students in the first year of bachelors studies of a particular region. The chosen students are those students who have completed the baccalaureate. But as the Grande Ecoles, the school have the right to choose the students. There are very few places to be filled and it is very competitive to get into Grande Ecole.

Leonard De Vinci- ESILV the engineering school offers an incredible working environment with top-tier workplaces in the centre of the greatest business-related district in Europe, La Défense.

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Our School of Engineering (ESILV) has the title “Grande Ecole” and is confirmed by the French State

The ESILV’s master Grande Ecole program is made out of 2 years of specialization and is dedicated to the improvement of capacities, as demonstrated by the student’s choice

The improvement in the skills of the graduating engineers is right at the centre of cutting-edge advancements. Students can choose specialization according to their interests and desire. The guidance is done by classes of the officials, of law, of advancement, of dialects and sports

Big Data and Connected Objects

This particular specialization trains general computer engineers who can master all the details related to the data. To notice the improvement of the association’s essential needs, the students will be required to set up the information structures, the designing of databases, the mobility and the application improvement.

Modules: Cloud preparing and predominant PC configuration, Company information system and applications, Intelligent and open articles, Business Intelligence, Smartphone and tablet applications, Mobility and all-inclusiveness

Fintech- Financial Engineering

This specialization educates designers with influential capacities in a market showing and money-related instruments while regulating related IT and verifiable gadgets. The readiness in like manner uncovers issues among students about the limits of these instruments before various components of financial perils and stresses of the better rule of cash-related establishments.

Subjects: Risk the board, Financial markets, Database programming, Financial things, Corporate Finance, Derivative, Responsible Finance

Computational Mechanics and Modeling

The calling of the Mechanical Engineers has amazingly developed these last years. With exhibiting and mechanized amusement devices, it is connected to upgrading and shortening the season of creation and age of products and ventures, while improving the quality. This course will also cover the economic and human side as well.

Course: Numerical showing of helper direct, Complex and multidisciplinary systems illustrating, Applied number juggling and legitimate figuring, Mechanical examination and structure, Optimization and constancy, Industrial system the administrators, Materials, Sustainable improvement, Mastery of modernized instruments

New Energies

The students of all three schools can consider this program in the fifth year of specialization. A condition that they are foreseen holders of the creation or takeover of an association. The most recent year work position should be conceivable, by decision, Entrepreneurship Erasmus program into the incubator PEPITE PON in the grounds, or as part as an, or into an SME or a startup. Draftsman students who take this planning can be awarded a dual degree with EMLV.

Modules: Renewable energies, Embedded energies, Smart networks – sensor frameworks, Energy advance, Energy efficiency, Smart structures, Eco-adaptability, Green IT

Work positions and endeavours

Train energetic operational architects in the association

Students are in touch with the association in the midst of their entire course through endeavours, work positions or get-togethers. The students tackle strong endeavours and face forever their understanding of business existence.

Work circumstances

Firstly, in the first cycle: Work circumstance of half a year in order to attempt. The vital particular learning and to see better the working of an association. This work position occurs from the End of March.

In the latest year: Engineer a year ago work position is basically of 6 months. In addition to attempting capable aptitudes and setting up the incorporation into the association. This work position occurs from the end of December.


However, in all arrangements, a strong application is needed in order to get into Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci. Meanwhile, we understand that the absorption of learning is better if it obliges a sensible model. Lastly, that is the reason the university makes understudies tackle strong “adventures”.

The assignment of Industrial Innovation mediates in the primary year of the race program of the structure school. In contrast with a few hours, it masterminds? A gathering of 2 to 6 students on a strong issue. The routinely offered by an association or an examination inquire about the office.

End-of-contemplates adventure: on themes offered by accessory associations of the school. The students produce in little get-togethers a completion of-considers adventure on a strong issue. This endeavour of a few hours must engage an understudy. To highlight his/her work outward and increase his/her penetrability to associations.


Two years, full-time programs.

Confirmation: September

Instructive cost FEES: 8 500 € consistently

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