Top MBA Programs for Study Abroad- JAN 2023 Intake


Admission window may be on the verge of closing for most of the one-year MBA programs beginning in 2019, but this is a good time to start preparations to apply for the academic session 2020-21.

Don’t be disheartened if you’re looking to start your MBA programs as soon as possible and skipped the fall intake of 2019 MBA admissions. Some of the top-notch business schools are offering programs for MBA beginning in January that is currently opening the application process. You won’t have to wait for a whole year to start your degree, and even the January term can be an advantage over the conventional period. Generally, these classes are shorter and thus less costly while providing you with the same quality education as the opportunities for fall entry. In fact, the demand for these slots is typically lower than falling programs due primarily to the number of applications that are coming in.

Below are some of the top MBA programs which would be starting in January 2020:

1) Schulich School of Business

In January or September, Schulich MBA at York University, Canada offers the option to start the program. The program has been accredited by various international bodies and is one of Canada’s top MBA programs.

2) HEC Paris

HEC Paris is another business school offering intakes in January and September. HEC, which is reputed to be a “leadership academy,” is an excellent choice for students interested in the entrepreneurial route or anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills.


In direct contrast to Columbia, the January intake of INSEAD is aimed at students interested in pursuing an internship. While the September intake does not allow students flexibility for a full-time internship, for this specific purpose, the January intake is built in two months. The size of the class is usually the same as the intake of September, and both terms allow for an exchange between Fontainebleau and Singapore.

4) IMD Switzerland

MBA programs at IMD Offer only one intake with classes beginning in January, unlike other schools on this list. The curriculum is incredibly intimate with a maximum class size of 90, making for an immersive experience. The class is weighted towards an older demographic with an average age of 31 years at entry. Post your MBA if you want to work in Europe, the school has an outstanding brand name and there are plenty of opportunities.

5) Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University

MBA programs at Rotterdam have a start date for January as well. Based in the Netherlands, the program is considered one of the best one-year European MBA degrees with its very foreign peer group.

6) Ivey Business School

The Ivey Business School at Western Ontario University offers one of Canada’s best MBAs and remains extremely famous for Consulting and Finance careers. Ivey is one of the world’s largest publishers of Case Studies, just behind Harvard Business School. The 1st year curriculum begins in March and in terms of recruiting, the school indicates that early graduation in the process provides its graduates with an exclusive advantage.

7) Queen’s University – Smith School of Business

Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business is another school in Canada beginning in January. Ranking among Canada’s top 3 business schools, it’s a great option if you’re planning post-MBA research in Canada.

8) Columbia Business School J-Term

The January launch MBA of Columbia Business School is specifically aimed at students who don’t need an internship particularly for those who don’t want a career change or those who are involved in business or family business. Together with the Fall entry full-time MBAs, the full-time recruiting schedule is designed to give you the same access to resources and job opportunities. In the second year, the two entrance options combine in the classroom, so there is also plenty of socializing and networking. You need to also be prepared with the education loan for abroad studies.

In Order to join the MBA programs, you need to know the MBA application deadline. Also, you must know the various options for opting education loan for your studies.

You can know more about various MBA programs by contacting the study overseas consultants. Once you crack the MBA examinations and start your preparations for traveling abroad.

Tuition fees are € 87,000 for the intake in January 2020. The payments are to be charged via installments. The tuition fees cover all written course materials, access to the college library, on-campus IT facilities, language tuition and training, student council fees, gym membership, business cards, printing, and health insurance. You must also apply for a visa to travel abroad for your further studies.

When necessary, you can apply a few weeks before the application deadline once you crack exams for MBA. Competition for each round is the same regardless of how much you apply for intake or round. The applications submitted within each round are individually reviewed, maintaining a fairly constant “bid ratio” (percentage of candidates approved vs. applications received) across all rounds.

Hope this blog clears all your doubts and assists you in finding your dream University for MBA programs abroad.

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