Things to Know Before Study in Australia

Work experience for MBA Abroad

Every year many students decide to study in Australia. Australia has some of the top Universities that’s what attracts many students. People from across the globe with different backgrounds come for studying in Australia. Coming to a different country, there are many things that you should know before coming, otherwise, it will be difficult for you in the beginning. There are many things about Australia that you should know about before coming here to study.

Which courses to study in Australia

There are many courses to study in Australia for students across the globe. The famous courses which most of the students choose to do are Masters in Australia. Some students choose to do MS in Australia, some prefer to do an MBA in Australia. It all depends on one’s own choices, as everybody wants to do their education in their interesting subjects. There are many Universities in Australia in which students choose to do their studies depending on the courses they choose. As from a recent survey conducted by education, authorities say that most international students prefer to do an MBA as it’s a 2-year program so more students prefer to do it.

 Which college to choose for study in Australia:

In Australia, for doing education there are many colleges to choose from. Students choose according to their own preferences. The preferences can be which colleges are providing good courses, which college has the desired course they want to study, fees that are required to pay for studying there in the college

Top Universities in Australia

  • Australian National University: This University ranked 49th in the world
  • The University of Melbourne: The University ranked 32nd in the world
  • University of South West Wales: This University ranked 96th in the world
  • University of Queensland: This University ranked 69th in the global world ranking
  • This University ranked 59th in the world: University of Sydney
  • Monash University: This University ranked 84th in the world

Popular Colleges in Australia

  • Stanley College Mirrabooka
  • Perth International College of English
  • Queen College Sydney
  • Melbourne City College
  • Stirling Theological College
  • Brisbane College of Australia

Universities in Australia

  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Melbourne

MBA Admission requirements in Australia

Doing an MBA degree in Australia requires some things that you need to have in order to get admission in top MBA colleges in Australia. Studying in Australia is not that easy, it also needs some efforts from your side to get admission in the colleges

Bachelor’s degree

A bachelor degree is required for you to get admission in the colleges


It is required for getting admission in the colleges as there can be communication gaps for students

Work Experience

The working experience is also important in colleges as it gives a boost in your CV


GMAT scores are also important for getting admission in some colleges

Tuition fee for study in Australia

Every college has a different tuition fee that is required for studying in Australia. It all depends on the college, mostly all the private colleges have more tuition fees than the government based colleges where the fees are very less. The average fees in Australian Universities are around 20000 dollars per year. For MBA students the tuition fees are around 30000 dollars for the whole year program.

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