10 Helpful Apps for Students Studying Abroad

MBA Abroad

Each year, millenary of students go abroad or are preparing for study abroad to pursue higher education. The first few months in a foreign land can be daunting because you are around new people and have an entirely new world around. Luckily, with technology advancement, there are so many useful apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone to make your life in a new city and country easier.

Education is no longer limited to the conventional chalk and blackboard style of teaching with the aid of technological innovation. Teachers can incorporate fascinating teaching media to make their students ‘ learning enjoyable and useful.

Education and studying as something we’ have to do’ have always been rooted in our minds. Infusing teaching technology can transform the perception of education by students today. Educational technology can go a long way in making students feel more connected to anything they know.

1) Around Me

This famous application is a helpful app for students that allows you to find the ATM, hotel, grocery store nearest you, or just about anywhere you want to go. It will classify your location by GPS and then give you a list of places of interest those are nearby.

2) Kayak

Looking for a helpful app for students for booking flights? Do you have your eyes on a destination and don’t really know if you’re going there? To check the availability and cost of your chosen flight path, set up flight alerts and notifications. The best app to use is Kayak!!

3) Google Translate

Who doesn’t like immediate feedback when you try to order a delicious chocolate dish. Lists of the best apps for studying abroad will pay tribute to this excellent service Google provides!

4) Hopper

Pull-on your best bunny ears and turns on Hopper’s big data collection and flight analysis technology if you want to be an airfare booking expert. Hopper gives the 411 to MBA study abroad students on how to get the best deals on fares and notifies them when their flight prices are at their lowest forecast points. 

5) Rome2Rio

Flights are nice, but have you ever experienced the glorious experience of the overland?! Studying abroad applications from Rome2Rio will help you find buses, trains, and even multi-destination aircraft. And it’s a bright pink screen. It is indeed a great application for international students.

6) Skype

A little older school, but parents are generally already well versed in the ability of Skype to send messages, make phone calls, or talk with one or more people at one or more places. You can show them immediately all you see at that moment. The downside is that you will have to pay a certain amount if you make a daily call to a mobile number or use the video conference feature. It is another helpful app for students.

7) BBC Weather

You never know how volatile the weather is, so don’t be surprised by a sudden drop in temperature or a rain shower. One can also see how the weather is at home, as this application allows you to have multiple locations at your thumb flick. Isn’t it the most helpful app for students?

8) Word Lens

Use this intelligent software to translate a text quickly. With the help of your camera, lens-you can even use it offline. The only downside is that only a handful of languages, not including Arabic or Mandarin, have packages available.

9) Moneywise

It even allows you in keeping track of your daily expenses that you can view by date, form, or account and filter them. To see if you stick to your schedule, you can also see graphs. There are apps like Ontrees or Mint that do a similar job if you have an iPhone and are also a helpful app for students.

10) XE Currency Converter

Know how far your money goes with this currency converter, which stores the latest rates when you are not connected to either WIFI or 3G. It also comes in a selection of different languages that might be useful.

Let us see some educational applications

1) Duolingo

This was established in 2014 and has never failed so far. Duolingo is another helpful app for students for language learning that teaches languages through mini-games in small chunks. As you get further into education, the lessons get challenging, but it’s always enjoyable. More than a dozen languages are sponsored on this application. You can use if free of charge and without commercials. It is an incredibly useful app for adults as well as children. Once you’ve mastered Duolingo, you can go for more advanced language learning with Memrise, Rosetta Stone, etc.

2) Coursera

Coursera is the best places to get free online training They have partnered with over 100 top universities around the world to offer quality education at a price that can be afforded by everyone, and their selection is enormous.

The classes of the Coursera follow a schedule; it is adjustable in such a way that at certain times of the day, you are not locked. Interactive courses are available in approximately 14 languages, and all lessons are delivered free of charge.

3) Mathway

You need to subscribe to it if you want free instant answers to your math problems. This also involves analysis and details step-by-step. Simple to use, appropriate solutions and a brief description of the underlying concepts make this a great app to have on your smartphone.

The software covers subjects such as Simple Maths, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Chemistry.

4) Brainscape

With the help of flashcards, this boasts doubling your learning speed. Create, share, and find flashcards that are generated by the user is free. $10 a month, $30 semi-annually, or $36 per year is paid per subscription. You can also pay for only $80 for a lifetime subscription.

5) Ready4 Sat

This goes far beyond just finding you to answer questions about the exercise. It aims to teach you mobile-friendly material and testing tips to study wherever and whenever you carry your smartphone.

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