Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Students want to Study in Foreign Universities

Study in Foreign Universities

Every year many Indian students go for doing their study in foreign universities to pursue their dream of studying abroad. They set their journey towards their goal and lead their dream to convert it into reality. In doing so students face many difficulties on their way that they have to fight alone, also some good memories and experiences that they are going to see, but in the end, the success is going to be sweat one and they are going to enjoy it.

So here are the top reasons why Indian Students want to Study in Foreign Universities:

Ease in getting Admission

Getting Admission in India’s top-ranking Universities is rather difficult and very challenging for students because the Indian population is too large and the number of good colleges in comparison is too low. Even students with a high academic score are not able to get a good college. This is not the case with the top universities abroad, they have a different criterion of selection, students with high Academic score can easily get admission in top universities abroad, that’s why Indian students are taking this big leap of doing their study abroad.

Different Study options

For Indian students, there are not much study courses available in India. In the Indian Education system, the main focus is on these following subject’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students don’t have enough choices to choose other than these major subjects. So, if students want to pursue their career in other fields whose courses are not available in India than there is not a good scope for students to do their studies in India, that is why some Indian students prefer to study in foreign universities. There they will get a wide variety of courses to choose from. They have courses design in the most unconventional fields also like entertainment, psychology, sports etc.

Quality of Education:

Doing higher study in foreign universities give students the quality education that they are seeking beside Indian education system which mainly gives more theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge. But doing your higher education in abroad universities give students the chance of getting a quality education that will help them in their daily life. Doing your study in foreign universities like Harvard or Yale etc. give them an internationally recognized degree which is a great perk of doing your study abroad. Having an Internationally recognized degree also gives students the chance of making a great career and also helps them in getting got jobs worldwide.

Immigration Pathway

Doing study abroad also gives students the benefit of Immigration after they complete their studies. Especially for Indian students, they seek job opportunities after studies. Mostly Indian people after completing their studies from countries like the USA, Canada remains in the host country after completion of their studies.

As per the new SPP (Student Partner Program) program in Canada, they are providing more consistency and efficiency in the student visa application process. Due to the implementation of this more Indian student as well as other students are getting admission in good universities of Canada.

Better Research opportunities:

Doing study in India doesn’t give too much research opportunities to Indian students, that most of the students from IIT also go to study in foreign universities and doing their research there because in India there, not enough updated technology and resources that needed for doing high-level research. For doing research studies there is various study abroad destinations for Indian students where they can pursue their higher studies. Also, scholarships are available for students who want to pursue research studies by the government itself and also by some foreign universities under some specific criteria.

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