How to Crack GRE for Study MBA in the UK?


Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is a standardized test that is required for most graduate schools in the UK to take admissions for MBA in the UK and the doctorate programs. This primarily tests the student’s verbal, quantitative, and analytical capacity. It is ideal for those wishing to obtain a Master’s degree fellowships abroad, such as MS, MIM, and MBA in the UK. This article is about knocking out the GRE scores.

Every year, hundreds or thousands of prospective graduate and business school applicants from around the world take the GREs. Also, you need to check for various scholarships to study in the UKHowever, the number of Indian students appearing for GRE in India rose by nearly 20 percent in 2015, showing that Indian students are increasingly looking to study MBA in the UK. In order to score well and get placed in their dream college, it is therefore extremely crucial as well as necessary for the applicants to be ready with their planning beforehand.

Is it easy to crack the GRE?

Let’s now see different steps for cracking the GRE and seeking admission in international Universities:

1) Start preparing yourselves for the exam as early as possible

One should begin the GRE training at least 2-3 months before the exam. If an aspirant can offer 4-5 months of preparation for this, it will be better. This is because GRE is a reasonably structured test, with each part in itself a challenge. For an aspirant, it is therefore imperative to ace them through constant as well as continuous preparation. It will also allow him/her to align their time with many other activities underway.

2) Make a proper timetable

The right way of managing your time effectively is through a timetable. For all three parts, one has to divide his / her time correctly. Besides this, particular emphasis needs to be placed on the weaker sections. Not only will this suit one’s daily routine, but it will also boost productivity and efficiency over time.

Apart from that, one should start the day with the hardest part as covering that segment will automatically bring trust to cover the rest. Take short breaks between those long study hours. Give even adequate time for leisure activities.

3) Building mental strength is important

GRE test preparation requires a solid foundation of substantive efforts and continuity in your approach. This is not a simple task because a lot of commitment and willpower is required. It depends on why you do it, somewhere. Through the preparation period, you must follow a strict discipline in which your priority shall always be your GRE test preparation. 

Besides this, the GRE takes 3 hours 45 minutes. Throughout this time, you need to keep your calm and willpower, which requires constant practice of the test papers from the initial stage. Thus it is of paramount importance to build your mental strength to come out of your comfort zone and work on your skills daily.

4) Choosing the right study material 

One should carefully select his study material, as thousands of documents are out there, but not all of them are genuine. One shouldn’t even get too much study material as it’s not of use. Rather, you need to select the relevant source which one can understand. Besides this, as they are quite helpful, one should also refer to some online materials. To determine one’s readiness, Practice Papers must be solved as many as possible.

5) Learning the vocabulary

It is a critical part of this test preparation as it supports both in the section on verbal and analytical learning. Dictionary not only helps to understand the meaning of a word but also helps to build and use it in the most effective way at appropriate places to convey the ideas. Moreover, score more through their strong literacy skills is the weapon of suitable aspirants. This can be strengthened by reading lots of texts such as books, novels, journals, magazines, and so on. Additionally, one should create a separate word list with its meaning and context for all the common words.

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6) Focus Mainly on the Quant Section

The Quant portion primarily assesses mathematical knowledge and reasoning skills at the junior high school level. Score in Quant, however, is more complicated than in other categories. While this notion may vary from person to person based on his / her ability, most of these questions depend upon a simple logic having a twist in it, in urn making it a brain teaser.

Knowing such subtle nuances is often the answer to most problems. It can be both time consuming as well as frustrating to try to solve a problem with only definitions and procedures. To work out a trend in the trick questions and create a technique that can be used for them would be a far more effective approach.

7) Blogs, Magazines, and Newspapers

It is not just from the vocabulary point of view that particular attention is paid to this section. It’s also because it helps develop one’s ability to get ideas, and thus effectively write an essay. That is to say, this segment strengthens aspirants ‘ knowledge base and makes them ace the part of the piece. Also, one should write and revise notes/summaries of essential editorials and articles often. The task of having a command over language as well as an information base is essential for both Issue Task and Argument tasks.

8) Practice as many mock tests as possible

Mock assessments should be conducted periodically as it will help you determine the actual test results and make you accustomed to testing strain. It helps one know their areas weaker and stronger. It also helps in choosing solutions to the traps. Therefore your ability to get a correct question will rely not only on the right choice but also on the wrong answers.

Besides that, it also makes one familiar with the actual test conditions. The aspirants specifically hone their problem-solving skills and idea building methodology through the application of mock exams.

9) Understanding Test Structure is most important

While it’s naturally known about the structure of the test to every GRE aspirant, it is vital to understand it thoroughly. Even if your preparation is good enough, your marks can be drastically reduced by a lack of time management during the test and weightage understanding. GRE involves Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning and is given 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 35 minutes, respectively.

10) Focus Mainly on your weak areas

You’ll get a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses once you’ve passed some mock tests. Now you’ve got to approach the two with different strategies. You have to designate more time for the weaker areas and give particular emphasis in the beginning. On the other hand, your primary focus must be on the strengths at the end of your preparation, and you should be increasingly practicing it. Also, be aware of the GRE cutoff scores required.

Is it easy to crack GRE Verbal?

Verbal Reasoning Test ‘ Measures you ability of analyzing and drawing the conclusions from the discourse, reason from incomplete data, understand multiple levels of meaning, such as the intention of literal, figurative and author, summarize text, discern major from minor points, understand the meanings of words, phrases, and entire texts, and understand the relationship between words and concepts.’ Each verbal section consists of 6 completions of text, ten questions on critical reading, and four questions on the equivalence of sentences.

Various Tips you must understand

  • Keep records of each and every new word you see in the GRE test papers and check them regularly.
  • Never take the Critical reading lightly, although it is very close to the understandings we render in school. Rather than reading like a layperson, it is crucial to analyze it. 
  • Please read the questions before understanding so it will be easy to mark the parts that have the answer when reading the understanding, and it will save tons of time. 
  • Also, distinguish your principal argument with sub-arguments when answering. 
  • For the Questions on Sentence Equivalence, note to refresh your vocabulary.
  • Carefully read the question and consider its meaning, and then respond. The solution to this is always within each subject.
  • Be sure to read the whole article for the Test Completion section to grasp its general meaning.
  • Gain a good understanding of homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • When solving double blank or triple blank test completion, pick the blank that has the most background with it, and construct the other responses accordingly.
  • Solve as many questions as possible in the study. That will increase the speed of solving.

Is it easy to crack JRE in the upcoming 30 days?

GRE is around the corner and you haven’t yet started studying for it, you don’t realize that for you, it’s over. You are required to have a very tight planning plan, and you are ready to go.

  • Remember, you don’t have any time to waste, and you’ve got a robust plan ahead of you.
  • When planning for GRE, choose the best study materials you can find.
  • If need be, take personal tuition or coaching course.
  • Stick to your schedule. You must already have realized that you no longer have time to waste.
  • Take a whole day just to pass the GRE. Check out the sample articles, grasp the sub-divisions and pages so that you can brace yourself to plan.
  • Build a Priority-based plan. If there’s one relevant section, and you’re good at it. The last goal can be classified as this. The sections with high importance and ease of understanding can be of top priority. High-importance difficult parts may be second priority, and so forth. This is only a suggestion; you can pick your own priority.
  • If you’re poor at a segment and have no hope of getting any change, don’t even touch it. You’re going to get lost and just waste time.
  • Alternatively, do not separate parts based on days, hours in a day. You’ll eventually get bored if you do.

The question when planning to take the test is:’ How hard is it to crack GRE? The subconscious must have come through. And if you’ve come so far in the article you must have learned that cracking GRE test to study in UK is not easy. Yet, it’s not the worst, either. Hard work and strategic preparation are all you need and you’re good to go. Also, visiting overseas education consultancy and seeking advice from them is essential.

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